Pain in the Foot

June 13, 2017

Pain in the foot!

Ever heard of a grass awn, or a cheat seed? This time of year we see so many dogs affected by these tiny sharp grass seeds. Long-haired dogs are more commonly affected because these seeds get attached to the hair and burrow in until they reach the skin. If you're like me, they get stuck in your socks occasionally and you have to stop and pick them out because they are very pokey. What you probably don't realize is how aggressive these things can be! They can actually burrow so deep into your dog's skin that they can cause abscesses & lameness. Dogs that hunt or are outdoors also have an increased risk of breathing them in and getting one stuck in their nose or lungs. This can cause pneumonia and more severely, death. Most commonly these seeds get stuck in between the dogs toes and cause a small blister. I encourage dog owners to keep an eye on their dogs feet, underarms, and ears this summer as we have already seen several cases that involve these seeds. I have pictured the seeds below as well as a few pictures of what a dog's foot looks like when they have one stuck in their skin.